Copyright Reverend Bob Curzon 2018
Hi Bob,
Saturday was a whirlwind of events ...
Thanks again for the great job, we received many compliments about you.
This one was fun: The Elstons were having a House Warming / 4th of July party with a “special surprise” for close relatives and friends. Only two of the party guests knew there was to be a wedding.
I arrived as a “friend” of Casey & Kimberly, mingling with their family and friends, and enjoying the party.
Once the bride was ready, and the groom changed from shorts to dress pants, the arch was brought in, and I introduced myself: “Hi!, I’m Reverend Bob!” This was the “surprise” everyone was waiting for, and we completed a lovely Sweet and Simple ceremony.
Thank you for officiating our wedding. I think you were just the right fit for our wedding. Many thanks from us both!
- Ali & Flynn
A Nintendo themed Holloween wedding. They had me dress as a Mage for their Hand-Fasting ceremony. Most guests were in costumes related to Nintendo games, I.e.: Mario Brothers; Dragons; etc.